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Software update is pushed out to the T-Mobile LG V20

Created by Joereal30 27/May/2017 05:43:28 (PM)
The T-Mobile version of the LG V20 has started receiving an update to software version H91810k. According to the T-Mobile support page, the update adds the Google monthly security patch, eliminates various bugs, and adds stability to software running on the phone. In addition, a problem with the e911 (enhanced 911) feature is remedied. This is the version of 911 that allows dispatchers to know where you are calling from when you make an emergency call from a smartphone.

The update weighs in at 88.7MB. When it arrives on your LG V20, make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network before starting the updating process. In addition, you need to charge the battery on the handset up to at least 50% before moving ahead with the update's installation.

Since this is an OTA update, it is sent out on a staggered basis. That means that it can still be a few days before it hits your LG V20. If you're not the patient type, you can try to manually update your handset by going to Settings > General >
About phone > Update Center > System update
Check for update.

This might not be the most feature-packed software update, but the security patch is important as is the e911 fix. Make sure you take the opportunity to install the update on your LG V20 as soon as possible.

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