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How To Buy Top E-Currencies From NigeriaGoldExchange

Created by Godstimereal 27/Jun/2017 10:55:57 (PM)
Before you can buy on NigeriaGoldExchange, you must be a registered member. Therefore, Log onto and register.
After registration, click on Member Area and Login.
Next, click on Buy Ecurrency
Choose the “Payment Method” you wish to use, e.g Cash Deposit
Type in the amount you want in
Under the Choose Ecurrency, select the Ecurrency you want to buy. You will see the expected amount you will receive in US dollar.
Once done, click on
Furthermore, on the next page, fill in your Ecurrency Account Number or ID (e.g your Bitcoin wallet address if you are buying Bitcoin).
Select SMS Notification, it is optional, though.
Click on it will open a new page containing all your information. Ensure all details are properly and correctly filled.
If not correct, click on Go Back To Step 2 and fill in the corrections. If correct, click on
Go to your email address, you will receive a message with Buy Order Email.
Using the payment details in the email, make your payments.
Furthermore, log back onto the website and click on Order History, then, Buy & Sell History.
On the next page, located the Order ID you paid for and click Submit Details.
Finally, If you paid by cash deposit, fill in the Teller Numbers or if by online bank transfer, then type Bank Transfer, insert Bank Paid Into and Date of Payment. Now, click on Submit
Once payment is confirmed, your account will be funded immediately and you will receive email and SMS alerts.

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