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How to hack 2go account from any distance/locations without the use of blueftp or codes

Created by .9iajatym 27.Nov.2013 (PM)
Below is a list of things you will need on ur pc or fone before you can carry out this activity:-
1)You will need a pc or phone
2)Phoenix Service Suite
3)Java SDK By Sun Systems-PC
Java Runtime By Oracle-mobile
4)High-Speed 3G connection
5)Web-code 'Wireless-Messaging/http://2go.co.za/user- the code will be used

6)Invisible IP
7)Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP)
8)Basic Input/Output System(BIOS)

10)Fork Bomb
11)CMOS DESKTOP BATTERY(dis battery must be in ur pc or insert this code in ur fone 'java-

cmos:$require =Nokia-MIDlet-cmos-data: true' the code wil be in d manifest of ur 2go
12)Windows XP and Above or Java/Symbian OS.. Sorry, bb is not supported.
Once you have al of them, here we go:<br /> Open Phoenix service suite and connect ur fone via usb in 'mass storage mode' not ovi suite.
Now locate 'product content' and scroll to your 2go and click 'open content' not 'open' when it open you will see a BIOS code, it looks like a ping but it is not a ping, now install Java SDK by sun systems and locate that same 2go and click edit'

now scroll to 'wireless-ping: $server=2go.co.za/user' now edit that code to 'wireless-ping: $server=2go.co.za/profile/your username/user (insert ur username where i wrote 'ur username). Now click 'compile... Wait for a while......

After it compile, go back to phoenix and click finish product...., now it is time to Hack 2go Servers Using BIOS And CMOS... Goto 2go .co.za using a Malware-Gem insulant,

if u dont know a malware-gem insulant or u dnt know where to get one, askk coolsix he creates virus.. Lol..he can design one for you once you get a GEM... Install the GEM in ur 2go via winrar and Open your 2go.. Note:- make sure ur fone i still connected to ur pc...

Now click on d profile of any friend, and dont chat ooo... Just appear offline and inside the GEM, insert this code 'Nokia-MIDlet-wireless $catch: yes' it looks like a html code becoz of d echo$ but it is not.. It is a BIOS code a.k.a MANIFEST

now you will need the help of Invisible IP, now install any IP deny manager and goto 2go.im/help just remain there(on ur pc not fone)... Now goto ur friend profile that u view..go down to his star progress...

And insert this code inside the GEM 'Data-Range $require =wireless-ping; "full data"name"password"age"school"-$user' and then save. Now click on options on ur friend profile and click 'view Profile Pic... His picture will show and at the bottom of d pic... Some things like 'david01'21'8080'unilag'08098335287'

this informations are ur friends data the 'David is ur friend username, the 21' is his age, the '8080' is his password' the unilag' is d school he register when he register 2go and so on..u will see somany info abt that ur friend....
Dont get too excited and happy....becoz if u are not carefull he will see your own too. We will now make use of 'Fork Bomb'

The Fork Bomb is a virus and data-deny manager, u can even create a fork-bomb on ur fone.... But i wont teach u dat.....

When the fork-bomb is installed just insert this code togeda with the fork bomb '$include'db"unkowm-Gem;)
Then just click save after everything, and
Then deactivate the Gem and BIOS memory... And disconnect ur fone.... Off and on ur fone... Anybody profile u click/view ...just view the profile pic and the person info.. And password will be displayed and u can h*ck.
You can ask coolsix, he did it and it worked.. He h*cked 6 accounts you can also ask 'rhoda523 on 2go.... She did it and it worked.. I can't believe a girl will h*ck an account....hahahahaha.. Just Thank Me Joor.. If u dont understand, pm me on 2go 'Godstimereal' is my username or just drop your comment..

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Created by 4ppy 22.Jan.2014 (PM)
Kul na

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Created by Bestman 10.Feb.2014 (PM)
Dats gud

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Created by Ikguy12 15.Feb.2014 (PM)
Nice but pls i wat 2 hack 2go accout with nokia c2-01

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Created by Progresb 23.Feb.2014 (PM)
Good work

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Created by Tunde6518 12.Mar.2014 (PM)
Pls i dnt understand dis method

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Created by Ywyclef 14.Mar.2014 (PM)
Av nt understood aw 2 hack 2go acnt 4rm far distance

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Created by thomsozycute 18.Mar.2014 (PM)
Is there any other method again,this one is hard

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Created by Andilob 19.Mar.2014 (PM)
Thank u so much. I hv see more dan 4 methods of hacking 2go frm any distance in dis site.

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Created by okala23 19.Mar.2014 (PM)
please i dnt understand all that. I nid a simply method

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