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How To Advertise Your Site On 9jatym.

Created by Godstimereal 01.Jan.2018 (PM)
You can now advertise your websites for more millions of traffic on 9jatym.com.

The process of advertising your website on 9jatym.com is now made easy that a little child can easily do it, without support from anyone.

All you need to have before advertising on 9jatym.com is your banner(photo of your advert) and your website URL address along with your ATM Card.

If you have all what I have mention above you are good to go.

Now click on the below link to advertise on 9jatym.com for more than enough traffic to your website.

[IMG] https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CT1K7elEJcE/Wkq-aD06JgI/AAAAAAAAAGU/o7joGtrPm3sx_oAlmJ1Oj5o_TJfh45MJgCLcBGAs/s320/images%2B%25281%2529.jpg[/IMG]ADVERTISE ON 9JATYM.COM

Once you load the site click on "Start Now" or "Get Started" you will be directed to a page where you will Upload your Banner and enter your website URL address.

After adding your banner(photo of your advert) and your website URL address click on "Upload Ad" a new page will open were you will choose your payment methods.

We currently accept PayPal and voguepay as means of payment on 9jatym.com.

After selecting your payment methods you will be ask to enter your master card details to complete the payment.

Once you have made the payment successfully your ads will start showing on every forum topic in 9jatym.com .

If you choose one(1) day during payment y your Ad(advert) will only appear on 9jatym for 24hours only.

We serve you accord to what you choose during payment.

If you have any question drop your comments below for quick response or you can easily contact us with the contact link at the bottom of every page on 9jatym.

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Created by Pasca133 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
This is good after all we can now advertise our various sites thanks a lot.

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Created by Rita988 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
I have been waiting for this, to advertise my company on this site, thanks a lot for the tutorial.

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Created by paulino 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
Pls how does d page luk lyk 2 advertise???

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Created by Godstimereal 02.Jan.2018 (PM)

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Created by Phillip 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
This site is really helpful to me in so many ways, I really appreciate d good works the founder of this site is doing to help advertisers meet their various expectations. Thanks alot

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Created by Christopher1 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
Great site, with great content, I love this site and will continue to be my best site forever.

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Created by Ehisanreal 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
This site has b my site 4 years now, and I have advertised my content on this site for more than eight(8) times and I am still ready to advertise my content on 9jatym, cuz I am really getting the traffic I want.

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Created by Ssophia 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
I will give a try to 9jatym advert, if it work for me or I am able to meet my expectations, I will continuously b using 9jatym for all my products and service's.

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Created by Savioreal 02.Jan.2018 (PM)
9jatym is really becoming a great site with millions of members from allover the world, i love this site I choose 9jatym for my online promotions, this site is a great site.

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