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The Most Important Things I Love About Girls Called Jessica

Created by Godstimereal 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
The name of my lover is jessica, she is very beautiful and attractive. I love her so much that I can spend a whole day admiring her, just to tell you how beautiful she is, she is dark in complexion, average in height and she has a sexy lips for kissing.

Jessica meaning "God's Light" the name Jessica is sexy and attractive, it is a popular name for beautiful girls. Men love girls called Jessica because they have good and attractive behaviors. Let me point out some of the things I actually love about girls called jessica.

This are the things I love about girls called Jessica.
1.The way they smile
2.the way they walk
3.they have sexy voice
4.they are romantic but they are not easy to get because there are a lot of men that are lookin g for them also, most men want to flirt with them which is not possible because they don't like flirting but after true love.

5.they easily trust their lover, after so much stress, but if caught cheating they can never ever trust you again and may even breakup with you. The same thing with girls called Jennifer.

Drop your comments by adding the things which I have not added.

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Created by .9iajatym 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
They are God fearing type

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Created by Bestman 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
Only the rich can easily get them without too much stress, that means they also love money(money minded girls)

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Created by Christopher1 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
You are correct shall but not all of them do goto church

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Created by Christopher1 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
Originally posted by 9iajatym
They are God fearing type

You are correct shall but not all of them do goto church

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Created by Hackerzlord 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
They are very caring to their lover

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Created by Ehisanreal 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
They love helping their husband in any thing he is doing, which is what I love most.

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Created by Holymanreal 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
They are love by their parents but still not all of them.

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Created by Joereal30 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
Why did u not add the picture of your lover called jessica let's see how beautiful she is, so that we can easily confirm if she is beautiful or not

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Created by Maryann 02.Dec.2017 (PM)
Maybe he don't want you guys to start chasing her, cuz getting a girl called jessica is not easy according to him. Lolz

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