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Things you should always keep a secret

Created by Godstimereal 05.Oct.2017 (PM)
You never can tell what that person thinks about you on the inside, you never know who wishes you well or the opposite and that’s why you shouldn’t air all your dirty laundry to every Dick and Harry out there. It’s in our nature to want to converse with others and let them know what we are passing through however there are certain things you should never disclose to people. Here check them out.

Don’t brag about your ambitions
Your goals and ambitions shouldn’t be let out in the open for you and your friends to gist about! You are bound to get distracted by bad and good advice when you turn your biggest goals in life as a topic for discussion.

Keep your good deeds to yourself
The most important aspect involved in doing favors or being philanthropic is not broadcasting your good acts to the entire populace. Doing that only strips you of respect and makes people think less of you.

Family issues
Sure, sharing a problem with others might give you some insight on how to solve the problem, however, you should be careful who you share private issues regarding your life, family, relationship or any sensitive issue.

Your weaknesses and fears
This aspect of your life shouldn’t be disclosed to the public, even your closest friends shouldn’t know of it. When you tell people about your fears or weak points instead of getting help there’s a big chance of you being betrayed and your weaknesses used against you.

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